Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Red square stood shivering in a freezing evening.
Dr.Shigo walked slowly towards the GEMS PARLOR situated on the right corner of red square. The huge building appeared to be a bridegroom made up with ornaments and suits of beauty.

Dr.Shigo was in black coat that was slightly exposed in the dim light of the street. His face was cheerful even though he knew that he was going to do some mischief as his sister used to describe it. He took out a small map out of his pocket, carefully observed it.

“Excuse me, may I know your name please”
Dr.Shigo turned back, he had hidden the map.
That was a cop.
“I am Dr.Shigo”
“I am engaged here to volunteer red square today. If you don’t mind….”
“Oh, I am invited to the gems parlor”
“I am sorry”
“It’s okay”

Dr.Shigo moved towards the door.
Mrs. Govani got out of the car. She was an extravagant look when she got out in red suits. Her lips were red too.
“Hey miss…”that was Mr. Robinson
“Hai Robinson”
“See I have told you a number of times that we have the same taste.”
“In what?”
“In exhibitions, I think you are here to visit the exhibition of gems here. New top class gems as well as antique ones worthing millions of dollars.”
“Yeah you are right. but these gems may not be as precious as TAYLOR’ DIAMOND.”
“That is the great surprise you can find here. They had got the unique TAYLOR’ DIAMOND to exhibit.”
“Wow I can not believe this. Are you right?”
“Lying gives me no way to heaven dear.”
They fleeted into the gems parlor.

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