Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Vincent Goj was renowned to the city as the most efficient businessman who owns a huge collection of invaluable diamonds apart from jewelers. The night should have given him inundated mirth but it could since he was aware that he has already been informed an imminent danger in the exhibition that would commence in a while.
  He was walking aimless when his manager found him in a desperate mood.
“Sir, what happened? You look uncomfortable?”
“There is every reason to be so.”
He whispered.

The man was about to ask the reason when Goj continued talking.
“I was called yesterday by the Police chief Mr. Po Bromin”
“Any problem sir?”
“I doubt so…..He was not alone and he has something really unpleasant to tell me.”
The cabin was too quiet in the evening. Po Bromin sat reclined and a handsome gentleman was sitting near him sipping a cup of tea. Goj was extremely happy at that time as he was unaware of the bad news awaiting him.
“Hello sir, Nice to meet you”

Po Bromin wished him.
He didn’t want to wile away time with a stuttered introduction.
“We know that you are going to present before the people of the city an extremely prestigious exhibition that has the most invaluable diamond also.”

He made a pause, looked at the man sitting near him and continued.

“This is Mr. Hamirson, from the Cyber Security department. He recently came across a bad Website that has not got much of any fame but has a dreadful element.”

“I am not getting your point?”

“Last week a very precious bank was robbed. We wanted the help from the cyber security department to find out any mails with the content regarding this.
Hamirson was in charge of that and quiet accidently found out a website in which a deal regarding the bank robbery was made well before the incident…...”
Hamirson interrupted.

“It is not an open website. You need a protected passphrase and some additional paid details to be a part of that.”

“So how is it in any manner affecting me?”

“It is an online auction website. If you need any particular material and you are able to give the necessary details then you can put it for auction or rather a reverse auction. The Snatchers as they call themselves will come to the auction and will tell their value for this snatching operation. You can select the person with the least incentive and fix the deal. If he fails to do the task then some fine will be imposed onto his account so and so…”

“That is a bad practice, God!”

Goj was still unaware what the hell he would have kept concealed.
Reading his countenance Hamirson quickly added.
“The problem that concerns you is that the next object kept for auction is Taylor’s Diamond”

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